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Solar Components 

There is more to a solar power system than just the panels and it’s important to consider the quality of all components when choosing a system.

 A solar power system is made up of the following components:

  • Solar panels – the most important part of the system and makes up the majority of the cost of the system.

  • Inverter – converts DC electricity generated at the panels into 240V AC power which can be used in your home or stored in the battery.
  • Battery - The balance energy produced during daytime is stored in the battery for the use of energy when there is no sun light.
  • Mounting system – physically connects the solar panels to your roof.
  • Electrical components - includes cables, isolators, breakers and switches. (sometimes referred to as the “Balance of System”).

On the following pages, you’ll find detailed information on each of the components that make up a system, what to look out for in selecting panels and inverters and why we’ve selected the particular brands that we use in our systems.


On dealing with Penta Tec, you’ll notice that we view installing solar as a financial investment so a long term view is needed. Up front price is always an important factor, but the overall return on investment for the life of the solar system is much more important. This is why we balance upfront purchase price with supplying top quality solar components that will last well past the payback period for the system (after all, if your system will take 3 years to pay itself off but then dies after 3 years, the whole investment was really a waste of time and effort)


Just as important as the system quality is the company who installs your system. This is important as the install company is responsible for installing the system professionally in order to maximise yield, ensuring warranty conditions are met as well as being there down the track if any problems arise.


We suggest you read through the site in order to get a good understanding of all of the important aspects around investing in your own solar system. We hope you’ll find it provides you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on what is a substantial investment.


We realise that once customers are fully informed about all of the important matters related to installing solar, Infinite Energy will emerge as the best option. One you’re ready, we offer all potential customers a free no obligation no pressure home assessment and consultation.



Whilst all of components that make up a solar power system are important, the solar panels are particularly important as they make up the largest cost of the system, are the largest driver of system performance and are the most difficult to fix if something were to go wrong.


Penta Tec offers our clients a choice of different panels and we can source any panel on the market. We have however chosen a range of panels that we believe offer the best tradoff between performance, value and quality.

Thin-Film (CIGS)


The Solar Inverter is the heart of any solar power system. It’s a sophisticated piece of electrical equipment that is responsible for: 

  • Conversion of DC current (produced by the solar panels) to AC current which can be used within your home or stored in the battery.
  • Controlling the voltage of the system to extract the maximum power available (referred to as maximum power point tracking).
  • Reporting on the solar system’s performance (either on screen, via bluetooth or online) 



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